Using Google Chrome with proxy in Fedora 15

If you are searching how to install google chrome in fedora 15 click here.

Gnome3's proxy setting is quite messed up right now and so far that i am concern there are some fixes using gconf-editor package to get proxy to work for certain app such as pidgin.

But for google chrome, it just don't happen. Well, i really need google chrome as it is nice to have a fast secondary browser instead of firefox. The idea is to create a launcher and use google chrome with proxy options that is build-in. so here is how to do it.

1. Right-click on the desktop. (well if you cannot, read this first)
2. Click Create launcher
3. Copy this command to the command box
google-chrome --proxy-server="http:/proxy:port-num"
4. Enter name and comment as you like
5. Click ok

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