i want a mouse coz mine is broken coz i want to play CS coz i am tension coz i jus my test today sucks coz i didn't understand calculus coz..coz..coz
there is at some extent, we cannot force someone to do what we want, even if they are good at it
baru smpai bilik. rindunye kat katil aku, tp sok ada Quiz.. O.o
love lectures and students sit together and talk about education system barcampkl
1. born male mental & physical
lightning talk = what do i want from by BF barcampkl
GOAT = MAC ?? barcampkl
before considering to buy a hp, check whether it has a calendar or not barcampkl
normal book/paper calender is better than digital barcampkl
time management for geek at barcampkl
How to impress on your first date! (and how that applies to life in general), at 11am barcampkl
making reports, documents, geek style, using latex typesetting at barcampkl
when geeks got problem, they write their own programs barcampkl
free kaspersky 6 months antivirus365.net/barcampkl barcampkl
mac says think different, kaspersky say think again barcampkl
people write virus for mac, coz future market is high barcampkl
mac os runs on freeBSD, and freeBSD is open source barcampkl
apple quietly ask mac users install antivirus barcampkl
i think many mac fans don't agree kaspersky barcampkl
Who says Mac does not have a virus @ room 1 barcampkl
circle of inference = person who influence you barcampkl
confidence up n downs approching the age of 30 barcampkl
how to build confidence @ room 4, crowd clapped at me :) barcampkl

another picture of P1 wimax for utpians #barcampkl

many people using linux distros barcampkl
even mac machines have viruses, lol barcampkl

p1 wimax at #barcampkl

at barcamp :)
i got a virus on my computer..after manually removing it, every word i highlight using my mouse, becomes turquoise..it's cool :)
lecture at 8a.m. after a cozy 3 day off.

comparing myspace to dog poop.


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r u agree dat u're a jerk??

with all my humbleness i want to say i am opening questions to only registered people only. if you are a girl, i suggest you to move on. if you are a boy, we your pranks are over now :(

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KKK(ketawa kuat kuat)

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u dont get it coz u alwayz dont get dat!!

i get it when i want to get it. (is that satisfying enough?)

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hobi anda?

social networking, blogwalking...video editing

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kalau ada apa2 nk tanya pasal reunion, aku on9 di YM, lonelyday91@y.c dan gtalk, lonelyday91@gmail.com
is lonelyday91 a girlish screen name?

i noe u like me xoxo gossip girl..

like in a sense of, adoring u or more to loving u.... nah, i don't like anonymous people..

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kenapa kau masuk utp?

sebab xdpt g oversea... skurang2nye dpt gak tmpat yg "bes" sket dari tmpat2 len... +an pula, kat cni mmg mcm oversea..rmai foreigner

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suprisingly, there is a site that discuss about meanings in song lyrics... for example http://ping.fm/8ME85
"friendship" is not meant to be with "professional". but u can still be friendly to everyone.
what do you think, limits what you can do. Try harder, always
Are u finding something? Forget google, MyLook is the new search engine "owned" by it's users. Try now! www.bit.ly/mylook_com
nk duit on9, tp xnk kuar modal, ini die.. www.bit.ly/mylook_com

mane belajar tau sume psal komputer nie? hehe

minat + belajar dgn kwn + google.com + forum2 komputer + chris.pirillo.com + devirkahan.com + macslice.com + youtube.com + E-book(download sj)... senang cite, bmyk belajar kat internt lar.. hehe :)

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ad x org yg ko x puas hati??...wakaka

ada, tp xelok ar aku ckp, sbb mmbr suh wat bodo jer dgn dak tue. so, nie tgh wt bodo ar... mcm penyakit tau, lalu jer menyakitkan hati, tatau ar npe...ish2

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orang melaka? area mane? dlu skul mane?

ayer keroh, melaka, form1-3 SMK telok mas, form4-5 SM teknik tuanku jaafar

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why autoupdate is off?

the antivirus is out of date and windows is not update. usb drive plugged and unplugged. a perfect combo for computer viruses. Why windows update is vital ? here... http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_are_windows_updates_important

it is like opening a "spam me" box for others to spam
i just found 1 way to make your profile picture hot!!! pm me 4 more info...
All ways keep your LOVER'S photo in your purse.when ever you are in big trouble see the photo.you will feel that No other problem bigger than this...
Bloggers = Journalists? "If you report, write, and are published, you're a journalist. It's not a licensed profession." [@GrantBarrett][@chrispirillo]
social media experts, here this, social networking starts at 0000 hours..