stady last minute ...(spm)

agak la kritikal klu ade org yg still x yakin ngan diri bile da las minit nie...
tapi selagi blum start pekse... kita masih ade peluang...

mksud yakin ngan diri nie bile jwp test atau latihan, ape yg slh tu hanya benda yg silly mistake..
senang ckp xda soalan yg dia xda idea langsung mcm mne nk buat.

checklist, ape yg perlu dibuat....
  • buat senarai ape yg blum blaja lagi dan ape yg dah di kuasai...
  • review kertas pekse, cari ape soalan yg korg x kuasai... cari bantuan rakan or guru laa
  • nota ringkas da msti, tp klu da lmbt sgt... disarankan baca dan tulis ape yg dirasakan penting
  • secara amnya...msti la belajar sungguh2 (xkire la ape teknik pown, stady grup, etc.)..struggle laa..fokus... jgn pkir bnda2 laen lgi da (trmasuk hp, on9, tv, kaple..) klu x nk fokus, bersungguh2..ssh la nk brjaya..
  • 1 bnda yg mmg pantang klu da last minit nie, jgn gelabah.... tlg.. rmai mmbr yg gelabah mula rasa yg bnyk bnda x diulangkaji... so bnda2 yg die dah study pown ilang....
  • sebolehnye bersyukur (sebelum msk pintu dewan pekse) dengan apa yg telah dipelajari time last minit dan jgn cube pkir bnda2 yg xdipelajari lgi... bersyukur dgn masa dan hidayah yg Allah bg so korg dpt stady wlupon mse da suntuk..."better have something than nothing"
  • dekatkn diri dgn Allah... solat sunat hajat yg paling simple skali... rakaat pertama surah al-fatihah dan al-kafirun...rakaat kedua surah al-fatihah dan al-ikhlas...
  • selalu ingat, ape sahaja korg buat akan efek masa depan korg, so sentiasalah buat yg terbaik (motivasi)

    Bruce Lee:
    The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.

a story to educamp, UTP, Tronoh, Perak

a story to educamp, UTP, Tronoh, Perak

aku pnye educamp 13,14 april(isnin,slasa)...aku agak hepi+tkt untuk g sana... iye laa, org cm aku mne layak untuk g sana,

so family plan untuk g ari ahad. so brtolak la ari ahad, g kat pekan tronoh, family sewa umah 3 hari,

ari isnin tu aku daftar kat UTP, kne pkai smart2. formal.... aku pkai kemeja light pink, ngan tie.

aku smpai sna rse tkt gle, npak bebdk pkai smart gle, tp ade yg langgar etika pemakaian, mcm pkai bj belang2, warna gelap, dan tie berbunga2...

aku syukur laa da bce kat blog2 org yg dah di intrvieu, n tau ape yg ptt dipakai.

lpas daftar, parent aku kne tunggu kat dewan chanselor (sori slh eje) aku lak g kat asrama APBM, dkt2 situ laa. lpas kmas barang, aku


g la dwan chanselor dgr pengarah kat UTP tu bg ceramah...pastu tgk slideshow psl petrons..rpe2nye petronas bkn shj mengali kat m'sia je,

tp bnyk tmpt laen, mcm chat, u.a.e, indonesia, n bnyk lg la negara dunia ketiga. pastu ade sesi daftar,

smpul surat penuh dgn bnda2 yg diphotostat diserahkn...lpas mkn, parent pown balik. smua dibahagikan dlm kumpulan n dibawa

melawat sekitar UTP, memle kat pusat sumber. bes gle laa reka bentuknye...kteorg diberitau pusat smber tu dibuat berdasarkan bntuk

pelantar minyak...smat laa... pastu pegi kat bangunan fakulti kejut. mekanikal... diorg ade hampir smua yg ade dlm bku teks mechy aku

mesin EDM, EDWC, CNC, plasma, bes gak laa..siap wat demo lg.... pastu group activity. kne bincang pasal ape komponen

yg terpenting kat motosikal. . mlm tu kne jwp soalan bi. balik je tmpt penginapan lak blackout...trpakse la tdo brpanas n bnyk nymuk....siot tol

Soknye... hari yg penting...ade intervieu... memle kne jwp soalan IQ n math&science, ade lak jmpe kwn2 mse kat skola telok mas...zaimah n aqilah kassim, sgan lak aku. hahaha

. lpas zuhur trus g tmpt intervieu... kteorg tlh di bahgikan dlm grup. ade 2 sesi intervieu. individu n berkumpulan.

memle kte dlm grup kne bincng psl tajuk global warming. mse intervieu individu aku tetibe gagap sgt2 smpai penemuramah tlg aku utk kuarkn ayt.

tp dpt la ckp idea aku ttg cari sumber tenaga yang betul2 bersih dan murah. aku dpt grup dgn smua yg mcm pntingkan dri sndiri

aku kekdg rse mnyampah gak...mcm die sorang je nk dpt msk.. tp xpa la... lpas tu intervieu dlm grup.

aku ckp la sket2, n ade org backup. org ckp, aku lak backup. agak lancar.... pstu balik....tinggalkan tronoh..

aku anggap pegi UTP tu sbgai percutian je n aku tau mmg susah nk masuk. insya-allah klu aku dpt

itu mmg kwn2 blaja la btol2 kat mtrix or asasi sbb pangambilan UTP untuk lpasan asasi n matrix mmg ade.

ok....tq 4 reading

Why gurls want to be sexy

ts a complicated Q to answer. They juz think by sexy can boost their charm. Is that true? Hmm. Do men really like flirting sexy gurls? Or men see gurls by their behaviour? Hmm. Juz comment me bout ur opinion...k

respons from myspace friends

General theory of femininity;

Gurl only find a bf or a future husband by their money or bright future or both.

Aku trase mcm einstine lak. Haha

nie dari komen2 di myspace dlu
♥ummi nur syafiqah


Posted by ♥ummi nur syafiqah on April 30, 2009 - Thursday - 10:53 AM
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NOor seri DIyanah

money..of course lah...!!tp byk bende laen kne amek kire kut...

Posted by sEri_dYaNa on May 1, 2009 - Friday - 8:39 AM
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sy x rase mcm a gulz i x ske sttement yg u buat...coz...bkn sume pom1 mcm 2...
kbahagiaan x boley dbeli dgn wang rggit..

Posted by ~EisyA~ on May 1, 2009 - Friday - 10:55 PM
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i'm juz that humble mirul again...

Mirul Abu

hope x kebenarannya ada...

Posted by i'm juz that humble mirul again... on May 3, 2009 - Sunday - 5:53 PM
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++Night Rider++

Ahmad Syahmi

Posted by ++Night Rider++ on May 20, 2009 - Wednesday - 8:22 AM
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i'm juz that humble mirul again...

Mirul Abu

aku da xsetuju ar dgn bnda nie

we cannot generalize sumthing as we want...

ade gak ppuan nk laky yg beriman je... tapi faktor duit tu agak kuat laa

Posted by i'm juz that humble mirul again... on September 28, 2009 - Monday - 8:56 AM
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what to do to gain scholarship???? what can u do ( utk pelajar yg baru merdeka dari SPM)

things to do !!!!!!

ask your teacher to do a cover letter bout u.

tell them to pray for your success

try to speak good in english (4 da interview) attend english speaking classes if possible

be confident with urself, non-active students in giving ideas and lack of leadership skills must change and try to be the best

try to research (meaning search with ==>

interview tips
how to write a resume

contoh CV/resume

(apologi kepada tuan punye artikel yg x diketahui namanya)

At the age of five, I always negotiated plea bargains with my grandmother whenever I was up for some sort of mischief. At eight, my room became a court for trials for the misbehaviours of my teddy bears, with the evidence presented to a jury of ‘Power Rangers’ figures. It took me years to really and truly discover my passion for the values of justice, liberty and equality. I definitely see that studying Law will serve my desire, to utilise my writing and auditory talents, and to ultimately promote equal rights to the world. I cannot help but look back at the many opportunities I have encountered that caused a lot of excitement and trepidation, but in the end, taught me more than anticipated.

I am always intrigued by how the manipulative Law could be, adapting itself to the ever-changing society. It is a wonder how even the most wanted lawbreakers are able to escape their sentences due to the power of their indestructible lawyers. Of course, I am not planning to help lawbreakers. I am here to enforce justice and put the right towards the wrong. Growing up reading John Grisham’s law thrillers and watching Hallmark’s ‘Law and Order’, it definitely struck me how law affects our everyday lives in a variety of ways. Law covers an extensive arena, yet inter-related to one another. One interesting example; Tort Law allows claims for compensation when someone or their property is harmed but if the act is intentional, it is stated under Criminal Law where the means to prosecute is offered. Law gives a broad view of the social issues of today’s world and allows us to contribute in a positive approach towards justice. I feel I am suited for a Law degree because I am best when challenged, and always firm to my point. The adrenaline rush I get every time I visualise myself in the legal world; smelling the fresh legal documents and having the time of my life defending clients in courts and on papers, is just simply overwhelming.

For as long as I remember, speaking in front of my parents was scary, let alone in front of a whole hall. Participating in debates and public speaking competitions opened doors that led me to new and exhilarating things. I learned to hone my communication skills as well as how I represent myself to the public. From debates, I developed a fast-thinking and methological approach towards the subjects given, to balance the pros and cons of a topic, and the ability to construct agreements based on theoretical knowledge. This had given me an early exposure to analysing and making crucial decisions, two critical skills need to pursue Law.

“Leaders are made, not born.” There were many daunting tasks that pushed my leadership abilities and people skills to the limit. As part of the College Committee, I was able to associate with others; socially, organisationally and recreationally, in the line of upgrading the students’ discipline and defending the rights if the students. It took a mountain of determination, motivation and enthusiasm to co-ordinate 28 wacky and outrageous individuals under one script as Captain of the Choral Speaking Team. Also, I love to explore new things, see new horizons and create new frontiers. Co-founding the Drama Club was another sky-dive into a challenging discipline. “Getting the show on the road” have instilled team work in me. I learned that toleration and integration with my older and younger peers, and also my colleagues, is a must.

However, for one to attain that much of hunger for success, one must feel the bitterness of failure. My time came when I faced a certain subject, Additional Mathematics. It was a subject of my worst nightmares. I blamed many factors for my unsatisfactory grades; nervousness, not enough preparations, tough questions etc. There were times when it seems like Add Maths is the cause of all the dark days in my life. However, I never gave up. I learned to accept there are times of suffering and times where the world just goes by. It was a very long and difficult journey especially for the easy-going me but in the end, I was back on track; tougher, stronger and determined than ever.

Datuk Shafie Abdullah, one of Malaysia’s finest lawyers mentioned in his speech during a visit to our school that, lawyers should equip themselves with all the knowledge they could get. My balanced fascination in fiction, politics, science and social issues is due to my love towards reading. Reading not only transports me away from daily stress, but also provides me with an assortment of facts and information that are usable in life, especially in Law, where knowledge in multiple subjects as well as a knack of research are needed.

Martin Luther King had a dream. I too have a dream. By securing the Bank Negara Scholarship, I intend to pursue my tertiary education in the world’s most prestigious law school, the University of Oxford. The inspiring environment of this renowned university with an alumnus of the world’s most notable legal figures is indeed the best place to receive the best legal training. With the flexibility of a law degree and the transferable skills learned, I aspire to work my way up to the top of the legal industry, and then, to reach the top ranks of the United Nations.

I am looking forward to pursue this intellectually satisfying and emotionally gratifying course. Looking back, the personality traits of which I am the proudest of; my integrity, principles, determination and team spirit, were moulded from situations which I initially thought will lead me nowhere. I have no doubt that I will succeed in this avenue of my life, and to one day be at the forefront of upholding human rights issue. Eventually, I will be a better individual for it.

  • Name : ....
  • Address : ....
  • Contact No. : ....
  • Email Address : .....

  • Birth date : ....
  • Gender : ....
  • Religion : Islam
  • Nationality/Race: Malaysian/Malay

  • YEAR SCHOOL ------------------------ GRADES
  • 1998-2003 .... ----------- UPSR – ...
  • 2004-2008 .... --------- PMR –....
  • .........................---------------- SPM – ...

  • Language Spoken : Fluent in English and Bahasa Melayu
  • Language Written : ...
  • Computer Literacy : ...
  • Musical Background : ...
  • Others : ...

  • ...

  • Year ---- Clubs/Societies/Sports/Others -- Position Held/Achievement
  • ... ----------- .... -------------- ....

  • 2008 - PMR excellence award
  • .. - .....

pembuka bicara...

mirul abu

hari ini aku trbuka hati untuk mmbuat account blogger... dlu aku gne myspace blog utk blogging, tapi mulai hari ini aku akan blogging kat cni jew...

mane2 crita2 yg dirasakn perlu aku akn copy dari myspace blog aku dlu... n ltak kt cni

selamat berblogging mirul...