Why gurls want to be sexy

ts a complicated Q to answer. They juz think by sexy can boost their charm. Is that true? Hmm. Do men really like flirting sexy gurls? Or men see gurls by their behaviour? Hmm. Juz comment me bout ur opinion...k

respons from myspace friends

♥ummi nur syafiqah

xtau nk kate pe..

Posted by ♥ummi nur syafiqah on April 30, 2009 - Thursday - 10:51 AM
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NOor seri DIyanah

tgk owg r..xsume same kan...???

Posted by sEri_dYaNa on May 1, 2009 - Friday - 8:39 AM
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SyaHirah AzMi

sexy is univrsal.. it depends on how the guy looks at the girl la.. mksd aku cam laen org laen istilah seksi 2 bgnyer..

Posted by .:*SyiRa*:. on May 1, 2009 - Friday - 7:16 PM
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siapa tak suka perempuan sexy?

Posted by Ariff on May 3, 2009 - Sunday - 10:47 AM
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Zaza Zozo

eh org pki bju krg pn leh nmpk sexy..la..
tgk cm ner la gurl 2 bwk diri..

Posted by zaza_me[t]ot* on May 5, 2009 - Tuesday - 8:49 AM
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++Night Rider++

Ahmad Syahmi

sexy = da way she talk
sexy = da way she walk
sexy = da way she cry
sexy = da way she smile
Posted by ++Night Rider++ on May 20, 2009 - Wednesday - 8:22 AM
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Puteri Menanti Putera

well.. girls love to be sexy bcoz..
1,it express ourselves to look very confident..
2,unleash our confident..[same as above is it?]
3,to tell guys out there dat we are superb..
4,to make guys realize dat diz is wat we called, ''GIRL'S POWER''..
5,guys will hard to dump us,bcoz we're sooooo sexy..n gonna be more sexy after being dump too..
6,sexy is not juz about body.. it's about beauty.. characters.. IQ.. and most of all,the path dat we're heading to-ISLAM..

i guess,sexy is all about ourselves.. who we are.. are we perfect? i mean,from above concepts,do we passed yet? all girls are beautiful.. all girls got their own characters[if all girls got alike characters,world will be no fun],all girls got IQ[but sumtime duno how 2 use it] and all girls wearing scarf[are we?],khatam al-quran[have we?],and all sort of it..

im not saying dat im such a perfectionist.. but,im trying to say here,dat nobody's perfect,and i'm not too.. no hard feeling ok.. im apologised here..
Posted by [PurElanIcious] on July 4, 2009 - Saturday - 12:14 AM
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