Shoes are known to be one of the most popular demands among men nowadays. As men do not have the luxury as women to dress up, shoes play a vital role in transforming their outfits all together. One of the footwear which has been getting a huge attention from the men is canvas shoes. Canvas shoes are the perfect footwear to flaunt to various occasions as it gives off a masculine yet trendy look towards a man. For the men who have no idea on how to style their canvas shoes, there are three great looks that you can try.

1.    The Professional Look

Men who are getting bored wearing the same old leather shoes should definitely choose a pair of canvas shoes. Spice up your formal wear with a trendy pair of canvas shoes to the office. Impress your colleagues with your exuberant fashion taste and feel confident all day long.

2.    Casual Dude

Men can also show off their canvas shoes on a casual day out during the weekends. Match the canvas shoes with a pair of shorts or even sweatpants and still look dashingly handsome. Besides that, canvas shoes are surely the best substitute to those worn out flip flops. 

3.    Party Fever

It cannot be denied that as we grow up we get invited to parties, dinner events and even weddings. It will look too formal if you wear the classic leather shoes and if you wear sandals, it will seem inappropriate. Canvas loafers and sneakers are the perfect solution for your worries. Scan from the various designs available in the market and select the ones which closely represent your personality. 

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some rules are dumb

pernah dengar kat uitm ni ade masa yang dilarang utk keluar masuk, kiranya mcm curfew la. pukul 12 tgh mlm - 6pagi. nampak macam bagus, tapi tak pun sebab ade student yg sanggup bermalam kat luar sebab tak boleh masuk kampus.

kalau yg ada kereta tu, park tepi kedai mamak 24jam pastu tidor. kalau takde kete, lepak je la kat mamak ke, cybercafe ke. mcm org homeless. rulesnya konon nak elakkan org keluar malam, tapi lagi memalukan universiti je sebab student tido bersepah.

ade je rules lain yg bodoh aku pernah encounter, seperti rules asrama yg tak bagi student outing ke bandar tanpa parents. bukan semua sekolah berasrama (ehem) ade rules ni, tapi yg ada, aku mmg takleh brain la. katakanlah student tu parents dia tinggal jauh, tak dpt bawa anak dia pergi outing, so nak suruh anak tu mereput kat asrama ke. nasib baik aku pindah after a few years kepada sekolah asrama yg cool gila, lepaskan student diorg merayau every weekend. tapi within time limit. at least nak beli barang keperluan pun lepas la.

nak dumb rules lagi? entah la tak terfikir pulak yg lain. kalau sesiapa ade buah fikiran roger2 la.

ROT13 Cipher in ruby

just finished doing ruby in codeacademy, now i want to try code some ruby. so i found out about ROT13 and decided to do a simple script on encrypting words to ROT13
puts "-- ROT 13 encrypter--"

def encrypter(x)
    z = case x
    when "a" then "n"
    when "b" then "o"
    when "c" then "p"
    when "d" then "q"
    when "e" then "r"
    when "f" then "s"
    when "g" then "t"
    when "h" then "u"
    when "i" then "v"
    when "j" then "w"
    when "k" then "x"
    when "l" then "y"
    when "m" then "z"
    when "n" then "a"
    when "o" then "b"
    when "p" then "c"
    when "q" then "d"
    when "r" then "e"
    when "s" then "f"
    when "t" then "g"
    when "u" then "h"
    when "v" then "i"
    when "w" then "j"
    when "x" then "k"
    when "y" then "l"
    when "z" then "m"
    else  "ERROR"
    return z

puts "Enter word: "

word = gets.chomp
wordarr = []
donearr = []
wordarr = word.split("")
wordarr.each {|y| donearr << encrypter(y) }
puts "Result: "
puts donearr.join
this is my first try just changing the input string into array and substituting each character with case statement. you can try this script at labs.codeacademy.com

but i think i can do better, why not i try taking the value of character and adding/subtracting 13 instead. but then it was troublesome.

after some googling (or cheating) there is a simple way to do this... using the tr method 
puts "Enter word: "
word = gets.chomp
puts word

to make things a bit smarter, use method

def rot13(word)

puts "Enter word: "
enterword = gets.chomp
puts rot13(enterword)

Programmer or engineer?

just finished an interview with Josh from codedivision.my. And luckily i pass!
hope i can go through this course with no disturbance from PET. lol
this may be a turning point in my life where i would decide what i am
going to do after this. programmer or engineer?

tough decision... and now im stressed. -.-"