crocs hina islam? apakah solusinya? juz padam logo xcukup, kita perlu boikot jenama tu. TAPI mcm biasa, kita kan xleh hidum tanpa icon2 "moden" nie. cth ikon2 moden yg lain spt McD, KFC, coca-cola, dll.. akan menggantikan facebook? betul ker? crite hangat nie. tp server die lmbat ar, facebook lagi laju.. hurm
you are being watched, beware!
there is one time you get very mad that you want to clear off all your social network profiles, (i mean like fb, ms, etc.) but you just can't do it. i dunno why
do you like comparing boy and girls. if so, what is the use? you still cannot change, nor be proud of your gender. quite annoying and immature act.
it's now time to shut down your computer and read a book
what should i feel when i am the only one who is struggling hard, while others sitting with comfort at their own homes. And wishing something big will happen.
you think everything nice is easily done? you just know to admire people, not being them. jus like a helpless loser
"you go do it. i am shy". WTF!!!
you don't want to do it because you don't know. just learn how to do it, stupid.
geeks should make events with geeks, coz they know better.
now i know, we can measure the level of intelligence looking from where is their former school. even though this is not accurate, still there are some percentage of truth.
khutbah hari ini di utp, sepatutnya "new media" ditukarkan kepada "social media"..... (ref:
do you know? pretending you are dead and spreading the news that you died make a very gook prank. NOT!!!! please don't try this, coz u hurt many peoples feelings.
sedang berkira2 bagaimana mahu menempuhi hari2 final examnya.
many of us are trying Digsby, i tried is more earlier and feeling quite sick with it's high memory usage and sucking my bandwidth faster than ever. so what are ur opinion?
problem of students involving in social media is they just want to word "social" more than "professionalism"