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Monsoon History (remix)

this is a only a part of the poem, re-edited version of me, well the time was raining when i got this idea. 
i am sorry to the author, Shirley Geok Lin-Lim of not asking any copyright or what so ever.

Eating Maggi,

My roommate and i sit at our beds.

This was a few minutes ago.

Kain Pelikat they counted

Test paper lie down dead.

Portraits of girlfriend,

Hung always in the locker.

Reading Blackman, at six

p.m. in skinny,

Listening to never ending

Rain: the air ticks

With laptops, playing counter-strike,

Signal go in of our rooms

Where is the wi-fi,

Their beds and blankets

In heat. We wash our maggi container

Before bed, watch our neighbour repairing

His "korean" hair, un"gatsby"
a geek in progress, what should i learn? suggestion pls
before asking sum1, STFW!!!

virus/spam di facebook (perlu perhatian segera!!)

Ade 1 “application” di facebook yang semakin merebak dari setiap profil ke profil sejak kebelakangan ini. Saya terpaksa buat blog post ni secepat yang mungkin untuk menyelamatkan profil-profil yang belum terkena virus ini. Saya panggil application ini virus kerana ia akan jalankan aplikasi tanpa kebenaran.

inilah link durjana itu
Antivirus in Focebook

Pihak Facebook mungkin belum sedar perkara ini sebenarnya telah membebankan banyak pihak terutamanya di bahagian News Feed kerana penuh dengan link kepada gambar yang berulang-ulang kali tanpa pemilik profil menyedarinya, jadi apa yang perlu anda lakukan?

a)kalau anda belum terkena virus ini.
JANGAN tekan link di bahagian pertama komen pada gambar itu (komen oleh pemilik gambar).
Kalau anda tekan, dengan mudah, anda terkena virus itu

b)kalau anda terkena.
JANGAN tekan link itu!!!
Semakin anda tekan, semakin ia akan membanjiri wall anda.
Cuba cari di bahagian kanan atas facebook anda.
Account -->Application Setting --> (cari application tu) --> delete/remove/tekan butang pangkah!

Bersama-sama menjaga keharmonian facebook bersama :)
captcha can increase our vocab...i hate captcha, especially in facebook!!
i need support for fedora linux. anyone can help me please contact me. support free source!
i am not on facebook until i have solved my laptop's problem =)
hurm, pls spend some time to like this photo ("like" the photo, not link , click on the link, then like...i am not doing this anymore when i reach my target, promise!)
i just realized that i am being too negative during socializing on9... if it happens again, pls remind me okay. thank you
"cikaro atau nama saitifiknya perempuan..." dari movie Adnan Sempit
"cikaro atau nama saitifiknya perempuan..." dari movie Adnan Sempit
what is social media? (u don't know, but what are u doing now?)
finally, i got a way to ping my way out! as fast as mobile!!!

save the good girl, enjoy the bad one...

i am feeling so hatred to girls that wanna be a "bad girl"... that act bitchy, stubborn, rough, etc... suppose they are trying to gain attention or for any reason but sadly, this is only some entertainment for some guys... so...enjoy!
there is one time at facebook you just don't know what to comment, but you want to leave something that show you had view that thing. so you decided to 'like' it....
hp "made in china"ku rosak....sila donate paypal/molpoint/cimbclicks/dll./etc.... lol

links for scholarship (ATT:SPM 2010')

i got an email for my several google groups...
it think is no harm to share..

so here they are =)))

Might be useful for you guys

Pls pass around for our children, students/friends' children, nephews/ nieces, etc.

MARA Scholarship Programs

Yayasan Proton Scholarship

PTPTN Education Loan

The Star Education Fund

Astro Scholarship Award

PETRONAS Education Scholarship Programs

2007 MNRB Scholarship Fund

OCBC Bank Scholarship

Bank Negara Scholarship

ABM 50th Merdeka Scholarship

Curtin Sarawak Scholarship

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus High Achievers Scholarships

HELP University College

Adelaide Achiever Scholarships International (AASI)

Curtin University of Technology Scholarship

Charles Darwin University Scholarship

Kolej Disted-Stamford Degree Scholarships

Leeds University Scholarships

Loughborough University Human Science Scholarships

MAAC Scholarship - La Trobe University 2006

NUS / Asean Undergraduate Scholarship

UCL Pathfinder Scholarships

University of Sheffield Scholarship

UTAR Scholarships

Nanyang Technological University Scholarship

Tasmanian International Scholarships

University of Malaya Fellowship Scheme

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Scholarship

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST Discovery Scholarship)

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Scholarship

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i am not good in judging beauty, that why i say all are beautiful... :)
you have to know one of the famous geeks in the world...chris pirillo!
how to "hook" a guy? show more skin in ur profile picture....(it's an insult, not an advice)
i juz realize that teen love is actually trigger from either boys or girls...there is no such thing as both liking each other strongly at the first time...
are we human or are we calculators....(sempena test calculus sok ;P)