Monsoon History (remix)

this is a only a part of the poem, re-edited version of me, well the time was raining when i got this idea. 
i am sorry to the author, Shirley Geok Lin-Lim of not asking any copyright or what so ever.

Eating Maggi,

My roommate and i sit at our beds.

This was a few minutes ago.

Kain Pelikat they counted

Test paper lie down dead.

Portraits of girlfriend,

Hung always in the locker.

Reading Blackman, at six

p.m. in skinny,

Listening to never ending

Rain: the air ticks

With laptops, playing counter-strike,

Signal go in of our rooms

Where is the wi-fi,

Their beds and blankets

In heat. We wash our maggi container

Before bed, watch our neighbour repairing

His "korean" hair, un"gatsby"

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