Fedora 15: What to do after fresh install?

Well this list is not complete yet, and i am updating this post from time to time.

1. Setup proxy for yum(skip this if you don't use proxy). View it here.

2. Setup free and nonfree repositories. (at this time of post, u need Fedora RPM Fusion free and nonfree for Fedora Rawhide ). View how you can setup RPM Fusion repositories here.

3. Install Flash, mp3 and other codecs, skype, java and a lot others, install Fedora Plus(before this it was called autoten). Installing just takes one line command, view it here.

before Fedora 15, I was using easyLife but they haven't done a version that supports Fedora 15 yet, so i am using Fedora Plus. But they are basically the same this, make installing software easier. 

Update: easyLife is supporting Fedora 15 now!

4. Claim your desktop icons back! install gnome-tweak-tool by copying the command below

su -c 'yum -y install gnome-tweak-tool'

and open the gnome-tweak-tool, the File Manager tab, set the file manager handle the desktop to on. Reboot!

5. Install Google Chrome! Look here

More Update: to use google chrome with proxy, view here

I am more than pleased if you can comment or add anymore below. Thanks in advance.


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checklist for myself actually. well it is worth sharing. haha

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