Feeling hot enough, or just a major heartbroken girl?

Walking through my facebook, and searching for any potential future friends (not stalking) i stumble upon a profile that is very intriguing. Differ from people who states clearly they do not want people who they dont want strangers to add them, she makes it a bit more tense, and a lots of ego. I may seem jealous ranting about this unknown girl but for me, she need someone to talk to. Oh my, what did the boys did to you until you hate them so much. If you are planning to be single forever, well there should be no problem befriending a boy. and one thing, just remember not every boy wants to be your boyfriend for god sake. Well i know some girls that have problem after breakups, they say they hate all men and stuff but this is wayyy beyond that.

If you open this girls profile page, you can see this;
1.Don't ever ask my PHONE number. (if u r a guy)
2.Don't ever ADD my SIBLINGS/BESTIES/FAMILY (don't be a busybody)
3.Don't ever ASK ME OUT. (if u r a guy)
4.Don't ever FLIRT with me cz it is ANNOYING. (if u r a guy)
5.Don't ever ask me to do any hairstyling 4u. (if u r a guy)
IMHO, i am okay with her if only she admits she is a lesbo. Then i will back off. tq

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