I am an indoor person

Today, i was out for an outing. Well actually i am renewing my driving license (i am P no more!), but after that my friends and i planned to laze around shopping complex to eat and do some window shopping. So we wander around the shopping mall, with no definite plan, i felt like i am wasting my time so much, in the same time my friends are having fun. Eventhough, looking through some gadgets are fun (i can't deny that, i love gadgets!). I figured out that i am more an indoor person rather than an outdoor. It true. I don't like swimming. I don't like camping. But you can ask me to go to swim or camp if you want to, i will support you, but i just don't like the idea of it. If you have an idea to bring me wandering around a place with no reason, well please don't bring me (except for expos or showcases, the reason to come it to be there). I am usually supportive to my friends and always hide my disagreement if we have opposing ideas. Thats all, tq. lol. 

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