Installing and in Fedora 64bit (x86_64)

Well this is the first time i am using Fedora or any variant of linux
with the 64bit arch support. So there are some things slowing my work
down, getting the printer to work! LOL

so my printer is Canon Pixma ip2770, i downloaded the rpm driver from
the official canon site. but then it gaves out an error....

error: Failed dependencies: is needed by cnijfilter-common-3.30-1.i386 is needed by cnijfilter-common-3.30-1.i386

so i checked google and knew that libcups got some thing connected
with cups-libs
and libpopt with popt

to solve this, you need to install cups-libs and popt but the 32bit package.

su -c 'yum install popt.i686 cups-libs.i686'

then try to install using the install script from Canon site, works
like a charm.

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