Types of Geeks In The Planet Earth

It was not until 1950s that the term "geek" became associated with those who were passionate or obsessed with technology or specific sub-culture. 
If you have seen the "Evolution of the Geek" poster, well it is quite detailed in a fact that they list it out many types of geeks through the time. But i think there are just some geeks i want to point out some geeks and give my opinion, the must-have gadgets for them and what type of language they say. Well, after all, this is only my opinion, not necessarily to be 100% true. Do have fun reading.
1. Apple Geek
  • Well this type of geek are die-hard fans of Apple, obviously. 
  • They will battle to backup Apple products in forums, twitter, facebook and even in youtube comments
  • When Apple launches a product, they will try to be the first one to get it, or at least hoping to be there.
  • People who want simplicity and not complicated procedures.
  • They always make productivity their priority. Thats why they choose Mac.
  • Must have items: (err, All Apple products) 
  • Mostly speak just the same way urban people speak. Well they are just people who likes Apple products so much
2. Game Geeks
  • Its either on the computer or console, they are hardcore gamers.
  • A random guess, either they play MMPORGP, FPS or others. If they play games like it will give them money, that is the game geek. 
  • Conduct or join in gaming tournaments. Almost all of their friends are selected based on the similar games they play
  • Must have items: A very powerful computer and a very large screen and a very fast internet connection and lots of free time
  • For normal guys, if you don't ever play the game, don't dream to be in their conversation, you will not understand a thing!
  • Terms use in daily life are similar to a regular technology or computer geek: n00b, pwn, some leet speaks etc.
3. Design or/and Photography Geeks
  • It will be a hard life without them, after all, everyone needs someone to design you a poster someday (or not?). 
  • They can draw/paint creatively and makes all the people around so jealous with the talent they have. 
  • Photo shoots is the time to gather around and take pictures everywhere while chatting about the latest camera, techniques etc. 
  • No 1 rule: don't judge someone with his/her camera. 
  • Photoshop is a click away on the desktop or down the taskbar in their computer
  • Must have items: Photoshop(err did i say that again?), a computer that is sufficient to run the latest Photoshop, the latest pro DSLR camera (or some enjoy having some old cameras, it depends), a lot of lenses, accessories.
  • They speak their own language, sometimes something that is so average looks so beautiful to them. etc.
4. Linux geek
  • At least heard the word "Free as in Freedom", by Richard Stallman, 
  • They use linux as their main OS.
  • Love the terminal
  • Encouraging other peoples to use linux. Keep telling that warez is not a good thing. 
  • Every linux fan is also a fan to at least one linux distro. Sometimes there are wars among the distro and everyone will backup their distro till the end.
  • Love the "adventure" solving problems in linux, maybe due to hardware, drivers, software etc.
  • Windows == Winblows.
  • Must have items: A fully compatible linux desktop/laptop. A private server. Very stable internet(to download those updates)
  • Linux speak. sometimes leet speak, but all the time make jokes of linux commands. rm -rf, sudo, etc.

There is just some geeks that i really know. But the main idea is, a geek is someone who have a lot of passion into something and trust me, it is not bad if someone called you a geek. Hug a geek today! (just joking, lol)


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